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FB Holden Station Wagon

December 6, 2021

My friend was at the East Ringwood Market when he saw the FB Holden Station Wagon for sale.  He knew I had FB and EK Holdens in the past but had sold them over the years so he rang me up and I came down.  By the time I arrived the FB had attracted allot of attention and had allot of people milling around it, I had a quick look, liked what I saw and gave the seller a deposit.  Once I took possession of it I brought it to Valigrunt 2 days later to have it made roadworthy and discuss the modifications that I wanted to make to the car.  After allot of work, much of the dirty work done by myself, "FeeBee" is now a pleasure to drive.

How did you get it? Thru a mate, in the paper etc?: 
At the Ringwood East Market.
When did you obtain this beast?: 
November 2014