Valigrunt Performance

Putting the Muscle back into Classic Cars

Suspension upgrades

Suspension upgrades can come in many forms and our clients do them for lots of reasons, some want their cars to handle better, some want to have a soft ride and some want a bit of both.  Some clients want to get the power made by their motors to the ground better and opt for simple upgrades like Caltracs or custom made "Tramp Rods" in order to get more traction in the rear.  Some clients opt for more in depth upgrades from traditional leaf spring to 4 link suspension, 4 link rear suspension can be set up to get more traction in a car or often used so that the car is easier to raise and lower with Airbag suspension.  

Some car enthusiasts want a handling package put through the car so that they can corner well but then adjust their suspension and enjoy a softer ride around the city or when the wife comes for a Sunday cruise, so things like bigger sway bars are fitted (if unavailable often these are then custom made) and easily adjustable shock absorbers.  The Withers Family themselves drive Classic Cars everyday and of course have some set aside for the weekends, our own cars are each individually set up for their own specific drive.  

The CL Valiant Wagon has a suspension set up to handle and carry heavy loads, yet still have a reasonably soft ride.  The CJ is set up with a soft enjoyable ride but still has a larger sway bar so that it sticks to those corners well and doesn't get the boaty sensation.  The CH has a slightly tricked up motor so this has custom made "Tramp Rods" in order to stop wheel spin and give it a hole shot advantage.  

The VF Dodge Ute has a sports handling package through it and handles like a Go Cart, even Shane's 56 Pontiac has very little sway in the body as he has lowered the car with drop stubs and the Star Chief has a custom made 25.4mm sway bar.  At Valigrunt we try to make our suspension packages to your specific needs and wants so whether it is a set of Caltracs or some dual adjustable QA1 shocks or you may want a full air bag system give us a call and we can meet your needs.  Just because we drive Classic Cars doesn't mean we can't go as fast (or faster), stop as well or out handle a modern car.