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Ford XP Coupe

December 6, 2021

I bought the car off a couple of surfers in St Kilda when I was 17 but it was originally from Tasmania.  I've always loved that model and at the time I paid $200.00 for her.  When I bought the XP the guards were flared and I totally rebuilt it to original.  In the time I've owned the Ford Coupe she has been stolen but found and returned to me twice, the second time she was returned they had stripped her and I had to rebuild her again.  In the time I have owned her she has had an engine upgrade from the original 6 to a V8.

"After so many years of getting the wrong's on the road and it's all thanks to Valigrunt.  Drove it to my first show with my son (Classic and Rod Club Lunar Drive Inn) and had a great time.  I loved it, thanks to both of you for your time and advice.  Mr XP Hard Top"

How did you get it? Thru a mate, in the paper etc?: 
Bought it off some Surfers in St Kilda for $200.00
When did you obtain this beast?: 
When I was 17