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Converting the XP back to petrol

January 29, 2022

The XP Coupe arrived with us on a tray truck as the car would not run.  Previously our client had been convinced to remove the petrol system completely and run a sole gas system.  This he did at great cost however the car never ran correctly and didn’t make as much power as he was advised it would.  For a while we worked with the Ford’s custom gas system and tried to get her started, however it was to no avail and it didn’t take long to realise that the gas carburettor was rusted and seized from internal moisture build up.

It was decided to stop wasting time with the Gas system in the XP and remove it completely returning it to petrol only.  Once the Coupe’s Gas system was removed we gave her a quadrajet carburettor, made new custom Aluminium lines and inserted a custom Aluminium tank as we could no longer fit the original due to mini tubs.