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Organic Growth in the Ford's Motor

January 29, 2022

After running the XP for the first time in 6 years we discovered that the oil in the Coupe had allot of condensation internally as there was a biological substance in the oil and the sump had begun to rust out internally, even though before starting the oil was checked it appeared perfectly clean.  The temperature increase in the motor allowed for an ideal environment for this substance to multiply rapidly in the Ford V8s internals, causing the oil flow in the motor and oil pick up to seal over.  This caused the oil pump to seize and snap.  Luckily the oil pump hydraulicked as this caused the drive in the new MSD ignition to snap and the motor to stop.

We say this was lucky for if the  drive had not snapped and stopped the motor, the Windsor would have run without oil circulation and it would not of taken long for it to drastically fail resulting in a full rebuild or a completely new motor.  

 As the standard sump of the Windsor was rusted internally we used this opportunity to replace it with a custom made deep sump.