Valigrunt Performance

Putting the Muscle back into Classic Cars

Irmi's 1972 Chrysler by Chrysler (Bumblebee)

January 29, 2022

Loads of rust repair (cutting, welding, acid dipping and lead filling). 4:11 diff gears, 727, suspesion change and motor update to 6.1L 360, major internal engine work including extreme porting by valigrunt. Interior cleaned and things replaced as required, aircon completely replaced, electric windows repaired, plus all the little details looked after. Excellent sleeper. Then just as we finish it an idiot T bones us in 2003, after an extensive fight he should be finished paying for it later this year and then the Bumblebee will be repaired and racing once again. All work done by valigrunt, extremely fast car and it will be "tweeked" some more when the body gets repaired as it is planned to be mainly for Drag Racing. Stay tuned.
How did you get it? Thru a mate, in the paper etc?: 
Shanes 21st Birthday present for me
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