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Making the Buick Roadworthy

January 29, 2022

The 1963 Buick Electra came to us with a multitude of small issues which required fixing in order to get her roadworthy and registered.  Some of these were small items yet still very important for safety; from bad wiring which needed repairing to the left hand side brake shoes being put on the incorrect way.  

Often when dealing with Older Classic and Historic Cars the parts are hard to source, for the 63 Electra we needed to source an inhibitor switch from the States in order to replace the one it had, which was not working at all and beyond salvage.

Our client also wanted the Buick to be a little more fuel efficient yet still retain it’s power when she wanted to put the foot down.  We therefore changed the carburettor from a Holley to a Quadrajet and tuned it to suit.  

 All in all an effort well worth its while to see another stunning Classic Car driving on our roads.