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Leigh's 69 valiant coupe

December 6, 2021

This car was bought in about 2000 from shane, was satin black with a slant 6 225 that went not too badly! Think i paid about $2500 for it and took another $1000 or $1500 to get it registered, many lessons learnt in this car, the poor beast has been to hell and back, but the important thing is, it's back! Back with a 318 (324), mild cam, twin 2.5inch exhaust, 15 inch dragways, 31mm swaybar, auto, all the good bits!
How did you get it? Thru a mate, in the paper etc?: 
Bought it from the trading post i think around 2000 from shane valigrunt himself!
When did you obtain this beast?: 
Around 2000