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Putting the Muscle back into Classic Cars

Harley Davidson Sportster Sport

December 6, 2021

Nothing quite beats the freedom of riding your Harley, people who haven't ridden one quite often ask why a Harley?  Why not a sports bike?  Why not go for a bike that's faster?  To put it simply for all the classic car enthusiasts, riding a Harley as compared to a Sports bike is like driving your Classic Car or Hot Rod as compared to buzzing about in your Mazda 323 or Hyundai Excel.  There is nothing quite like it.  We can make classic cars go as fast, handle as well and stop as quickly as any new car we can also make a Harley go as fast as a Sports bike.  Which is exactly what Adam had in mind when the motor in the Harley had a catastophic failure after he did a rod bearing which resulted in the pistons being damaged, the heads being totalled and the internals being filled with fine metal filings.  So he came to Shane, who himself is a big Harley Davidson fan and has radically modified the motor in his own Heritage, and a plan was hatched for the old to go and a new 103 Cubic Inch motor to be built for the Sportster, giving him that Harley look and sound but  a hell of allot more horses.

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