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1987 Pontiac Fiero GT

December 6, 2021

As a P Plate Driver I was limited with the cars that I could drive in Victoria, No V8's, turbocharged and supercharged vehicles.  I have always wanted a third generation Trans Am but I couldn't find one in decent condition.  The Fiero did however appeal to me as the GT seemed to be a combination of two of my favourite cars, the 82-84 Trans Am and the DeLorean DMC - 12.  As the top of the line Pontiac Fiero had a 2.6 V6 motor I could drive it on my P Plates.

We drove to NSW and picked up my car, it was in good condition and after a while I changed the motor to a 3.4V6.  The car has been driven every day and came to Shane at Valigrunt for some basic maintenance work and a little internal modification.

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