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WarSquaw comes alive

October 16, 2021

WarSquaw came back to us and we were down to the wire with the nitty gritty of the build, only a couple of weeks left and countless man hours already in, Shane and I having put in about 400 hours in the first 4 weeks alone, not counting all the other suppliers and trades at their craftsmanship.  Definitely time to get the motor pieced together and in the hole ready to race these other workshops for Rides Down Under Workshop Wars (on 7 Plus).

Episode 8 shows the motor completed and painted up in a custom chameleon gold.  The original 316 block was removed and machined by Charlie at Saliba Engines, allot of blueprinting was used and certain things were custom made to allow for a more modern running gear.  We stroked the original steel Pontiac crank and bored the block out 96 thou.  Shane sent the rats into a set of cast 1957 heads severely porting them to increase the airflow.  Pistons were changed to a shorter piston with longer H beam conrods complete with smaller journal.  Rockers were changed to roller style rockers, custom made high volume oil pump at 100psi to compensate for the large clearances used for Supercharged application.  All this topped with 2 modified Holley carbies, and a root style blower from a GM Diesel Train topped with two Velocity stacks.