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New Boot for the VG Valiant Coupe

The VG Coupes floor had previously had rust problems which were fixed with fibreglass.  However as not all of the rust was removed from the boot by the people who had previously repaired it the fibreglass repair actually accellerated the rust problem.  When Valigrunt received the Valiant Coupe for repair we realised that the entire boot would have to be replaced, so new inner quarters (which were zinc coated) and a good second hand floor was sourced, repaired and modified to suite the boot floor of the Chrysler and used to replace the fibreglass floor currently in place.  This was an extensive job especially once we realised to lower rear quarter panels of the Valiant had been glued on instead of welded and as Jake did not wish to replace the lower panels and therefore repaint a section of the Coupe, Shane painstakingly removed the floor and reinstated the new floor without damaging the previous repair on the lower quarters.  The entire floor was rust proofed, sound deadened and painted and the finishing product made to look like it had never been repaired.