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Instant Horsepower Upgrade

January 29, 2022

After the 440 Big Block dropped an oil pump drive the Challenger motor was rebuilt.  However the outcome wasn't as powerful as he had anticipated and after going for a drive with Shane in the Graveyard Cuda asked us to have a look at the power plant in the Dodge and see if we could get more then 320HP out of it.  

First thing that we noticed needed changing was the Pod style Air Cleaner.  Pod Style Aircleaners may look the part but naturally aspirated motors don't like the amount of turns the air has to navigate through before it reaches the intake.  Every bend slows the air down and suffocates the motor. By switching this back to a traditional intake and Aircleaner we instantly gained 50HP.  

The next thing that was lacking in the motor was spark.  The ignition would not support the type of horsepower our client was looking for.  So out with the old and in with a new MSD programmable ignition system.  This quick and easy package brought his horsepower from 320 to 545HP, gaining 225HP.