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Hurst Lightning Rods Repair and Customisation

January 29, 2022

With the engine going well it was time to turn our attention to the gear shifter.  The 1974 Challenger had a console that featured Hurst Lightning Rods, unfortunately they were not selecting 1st gear as one of them was damaged.  We disassembled the rods and repaired the first shifting rod as well as servicing the other two.  The console also looked a little tired and worn out and didn't have a fascia that fit the Hurst Rods, therefore we refurbished the plastic console and made a custom brushed aluminium fascia for the Rods to come out of.  

While we were at it the Dodge's reverse cowl scoop offered increased airflow into the engine bay but didn't actually work effectively by concentrating that flow into the Air Cleaner that was now topping the motor.  Therefore we custom made and induction panel under the scoop that efficiently funneled all the air sucked into the scoop directly into the aircleaner and therefore the motor.