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Putting the Muscle back into Classic Cars

Getting Traction in the Challenger

January 29, 2022

With the upgrades done to the Big Block Mopar motor in the Dodge Challenger it was important that we could transfer that power to the ground.  Of course the best way to do that is to give it a wider grip in the back with some sticky street legal slicks.  The truck tyres were taken off the back of the Chrysler, the springs were relocated and a wider street legal slick was put on the back going up in size to 295/60/15s.  This allowed the Challenger to retain that tough look that we all love in these muscle cars but also allow the power to get to the ground for racing instead of smoking up the rear tyres.

Now that we have traction this will transfer a higher load onto the drive train and inevitibly more stress on the tailshaft.  Therefore we upgraded the shaft to a chrome moly with 1350 universals to take the punishment.