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Cleaner Engine Bay, Upgraded Steering and Cooling

January 29, 2022

After doing all of that work to the engine of the Challenger to get her to go harder and making sure the driveline was able to survive the power upgrades and still get it to the ground we turned our attention to some of the finer details.  It's not just important to have the 440 Big Block Mopar go hard it's also important that it stays cool, therefore a custom made Aluminium Race Radiator was made and fitted into the Engine Bay, ensuring the Dodge stays cool in those hot summer months and when she is put to the test on the track.

While we were at it the steering was a bit sloppy so we upgraded the Power steering box with a Borgeson box, this gave us allot more control of our handling which is even more important now that the Challenger is faster.

Of course while we were in the Engine bay we cleaned up the wiring as well, checking over all the connections and hiding and tidying up the mess that was there when she came to us.