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Rusty floor in the Mustang

Unfortunately for Andy even though when he purchased his 1969 Mustang it looked great on the outside however, the boot floor and main sections of the floor were very rusty and needed to be replaced.  As is quite common when people buy a Classic Car he did not realise the condition of the underside of his car until he went to get roadworthy and put the car on Club Permit.  It was then, on the hoist, that he realised his Chassis Rail had collapsed and his leaf spring was pushing through the rusty boot floor.


Very disheartened he came to us and we painstakingly removed all the rusty sections of floor and welded in rust repair sections while not damaging the exterior paint or interior trim of the Mustang.  We replaced all rusted sections with either galvanised steel or zinc coated repair sections, treated the bare steel with an anti-rust chemical solution and then sealed off the entire floor with soundproofing both internally and externally.  By going the extra mile it gives everyone peace of mind that the repaired sections should never have to be replaced again. Once the rails were repaired and the leaf springs correctly positioned Andy was able to get his roadworthy and begin cruising in his Classic.